A Commonly Overlooked Travel Spoiler Can Interrupt Your Summer Vacation Plans
What to Pack to be Prepared

If you're like most summer travelers, there's probably an item you're forgetting to pack...
laxatives. Because travelers tend to be off their routine, perhaps not getting enough exercise and eating different types of foods, they could experience an occasional bout of constipation.

Most travelers worry about the weather and what they might forget to pack, never preparing for occasional constipation during a trip. Many people tend to be less concerned with portion size, overeating, getting enough fluids or exercising while on vacation, which can lead to

Best-selling author and international travel expert Joel Widzer, Psy.D, says digestive health issues, including constipation, can disrupt vacations. "I try to prepare travelers for every eventuality, and dietary issues are always a top concern," he explains. "Even once they've
arrived safely at their destination, people often don't prepare for different cuisines and local foods. I always suggest they bring along a laxative, just in case."

There is a wide array of products out there to offer relief, and you need to make sure to bring along the one that's right for you. "I recommend Senokot(R) Tablets. It's a gentle laxative tablet that provides overnight relief from occasional constipation," says Widzer. "Senokot(R) Tablets
contain the natural vegetable laxative ingredient proven effective in over 50 clinical studies." The Senokot TO GO(R) four-tablet package is convenient and easy to travel with.
Most experts recommend incorporating plenty of high-fiber foods into meals, drinking lots of water and making sure to get adequate exercise to promote bowel regularity. It is important to keep this in mind even while you are away.

You can log on to www.senokot.com for more information about ways to relieve constipation, healthy recipes and exercise tips.

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