JetReady’s corporate travel program comprises a collection of resources devoted to high-end, frequent fliers seeking, comfort, convenience, straightforward, useful counsel while enhancing organizational productivity and cost savings.

Our flagship resource, The Penny Pincher’s Passport to Luxury Travel, which established the standard for strategic travel, has educated and served travelers well since 1999.

JetReady’s network of global consultants offer travel-related consulting, news, editorial, educational and research services across all industries around the globe.

We unlock the full potential of customer value based on our unique travel calculus. We expertly custom design programs tailored to your needs and specific to your business objectives. We start by distilling your current challenges down to a few fundamental questions. Ultimately, we offer travelers the opportunity to enjoy the best of travel while saving money and receiving exceptional value.

JetReady's consultants apply the knowledge and skills they’ve sharpened during client engagements and first-hand field experience. In addition to defining benchmarks and best practices for our clients, all of our consultants share their insights and analysis as seasoned travelers.

We help you answer the tough questions:

  • For instance, how can you optimize and extend the reach of your existing travel spending?
  • How can you create a new program that fits your specific travel needs?
  • Should you rely on a standalone program or haphazardly share your spending among providers, negating the real benefits of mutually reciprocal consolidated partnerships?

And for those looking beyond programs:

  • How can you achieve optimal workplace productivity and engagement from employees working on the road?
  • How can you broaden your focus to achieve face-to-face client engagement while offering work-life balance?
  • How can you maintain long-term employee satisfaction vital to your business and sustainable growth?

To provide these answers and tailor to your needs effectively, has brought together some of the keenest minds in strategic travel–all with an unmatched range of experience. This diverse team of veteran practitioners, who’ve sharpened their knowledge and skills in demanding client-side roles, can provide in-depth guidance on all aspects of strategic travel, program structure and execution. Our consultants continue to carry on a tradition of objective counsel essential for cultivating consumer value.

JetReady’s reputation as a leader in strategic travel planning is backed by a broader commitment to independent, authoritative thought leadership. For more than a decade, travelers have turned to our resources as a central source for publishing, education and research on loyalty trends, opportunities and best practices. is a coalition of seasoned professionals – consultants, senior executives, and technical specialists – with substantial extensive experience in Consumer Behavioral Marketing, Customer Retention/Customer Loyalty, Organizational Effectiveness and Workforce Improvement Productivity.

From this varied experience, has distilled a spectrum of highly effective tools for leading and guiding processes at both the corporate and business unit levels.

Formed with the expressed purpose of providing organizations with affordable world-class methodologies and advisory services, tailors each engagement to leverage the resident wisdom of the client firm and provides a comprehensive framework for the collaborative review and refinement of the organization’s strategy.

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JetReady—The Solution for Travel Fatigue

JetReady is a scientifically based resource for long haul business travelers. This program provides travelers with an introduction to managing alertness and productivity during long haul business travel. Without such a program, employees who might suffer from diminished performance caused by reduced cognitive skills and low levels of alertness while attempting to carry out critical business missions, are more liable to put their organizations at risk for lost opportunities and increased organizational costs.

A recent study by the World Bank has revealed the following data.

  • 66 % of business travelers report having a "high" or "moderate" degree of stress
  • 16 % of business traveler’s spouses experience higher health claims
  • 50 % of frequent business travelers experience higher claims for psychological disorders
  • 300 % increase in stress-related disorders among business travelers

The costs to U.S. organizations annually exceed $50 Billion

In short, travel fatigue can be a major contributor to employee absenteeism, lost productivity, increased health-related claims and psychological disorders, which results in substantial costs to employees, families and organizations.

The value of this program is that it is based on scientific research drawing from the U.S. Air-Force, U.S. Army, NASA, the World Bank, academia, and private researchers. This program has been field tested to deliver proven results in a manner practical for today's busy business executive. Currently many of these countermeasures are being used by the Space Shuttle Astronauts, Commercial Airlines Flight Crews, and recently by crewmembers of the B2- Bomber during missions to Afghanistan.

JetReady delivers a solution to a real problem companies face at multiple levels and fills a viable need for organizational understanding of travel fatigue. Paradoxically, the need for organizations to operate globally while offering personalization is an increasing factor in the number of employees who travel for their jobs.

However, due to increased security concerns and quality of life issues, trips are becoming shorter, requiring more work to be done in less time. As a result, long-haul business travelers regularly attempt to accomplish high-stake missions while dealing with the detrimental effects of transmeridian travel: reduced concentration, poor memory, fatigue, and increased stress – which seriously jeopardizes or has a detrimental effect on organizational success!

It is for these reasons that corporate executives have expressed a strong interest in managing travel fatigue.

The JetReady program combines scientific tools with practical experience to provide the path for air travelers to arrive at their destination feeling rested, alert, ready to interact with peak efficiency. With JetReady’s help, fully-implemented organizations will have the tools to increase employee productivity, job satisfaction, family and co-worker relationships, employee-well-being, while reducing job burnout and absenteeism.

The JetReady program is being used with private sector organizations including a major domestic airline. This information is of value to anyone who crosses multiple time zones while maintaining peak efficiency.

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