Consumer travelers are defined very differently than have a very different meaning than business or corporate travelers. Typically, consumers do not travel as frequently as business or corporate travelers, therefore they need to strategize their travel portfolio in a different manner.

When it comes to utilizing loyalty programs to their fullest advantage, what works for frequent fliers, does not usually benefit occasional fliers or road warriors in the same way. But with JetReady’s help, we can show consumer travelers loyalty-building strategies that will enable them to leverage and take advantage of all the perks that are normally reserved for the heavy-duty traveler. Now, any type of traveler can gain benefits from a plethora of available loyalty programs sponsored by airlines, credit cards and hotels to name a few – all that reward fliers, drivers, and overnighters with extra-value perks and benefits.

We invite you to contact us for a personalized evaluation of your travel needs and discuss how we can help you save money while adding value and experience to all of your future travels.

JetReady can help ensure you get the most out of your precious vacation!
Consumer travelers fit into a special arena with respect to travel fatigue. It has been our experience that many consumer travelers might be making the trip of a lifetime during their annual vacation. Therefore, it’s important to maximize the time you have – especially if you only have one week off a year!

Unlike business travelers, vacation travelers don’t have the need to be prepared and alert for a meeting upon arriving at their destination. However, the relaxed, frame-of-mind can leave unaware vacationers caught off guard in regards to their state of well-being or level of fatigue.

With three years of research in psychology, organizational and human behavior, we understand the requirements of hitting the road in full gear, feeling your best and getting the most out of your travel experiences. JetReady’s specifically-designed programs focus on minimizing the travel fatigue factor while maximizing the value of your vacation.

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